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Do you own property at Copper Mountain?

SkyRun is a family owned  full service Property Management and Vacation Rental company.  SkyRun Copper will market and rent your property through this web site as well as our international network of vacation wholesalers, agents and through internet sites.  Copper Mountain rents our properties through their website as well!

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What makes SkyRun Vacation Rentals different?

  • No one puts more money into your pocket..... 70% commission without additional cost for marketing and linens, etc... which would lower your nightly rates.
  • It doesn't matter how low your commissions are if you don't have the rental numbers. Compare BOTTOM LINE money in your pocket and SkyRun is the best deal.  Now with over 10 years of proven results, serving over 250 properties in Summit County, over 100,000 guests have choosen SkyRun.
  • SkyRun's fees are the lowest of any full service management property management company at Copper.
  • We rent 80% of our condos RETAIL - directly to the guest through our advertising.  That means we wholesale only about 20% of our rentals! 
  • Other companies rent as much as 60-80% of their condos through wholesalers and agents.  This means that the agent or wholesaler is getting 10-20% in commissions before you ever see the gross amount.  ASK the competition what percentage is rented wholesale? This means you may be giving away upto 20% of gross rental off the top, making a HUGE difference on your bottomline.
  • We rent YOUR property, not from a pool of properties, giving you a greater return on your investment.
  • You can help rent your property (or other Skyrun properties) and get more income for doing so.
  • We provide a “state of the art” website featuring your unit with photos and complete info that YOU can control online if you choose, including pricing (if you choose... or we can do it for you).
  • You can view your past statements and rental reports online and participate in an owners forum exchanging ideas with other SkyRun owners.
  • We have great natural search rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN, and we INVEST thousands/month for per click advertising also!  Your condo is listed on thousands of other related websites where natural search results don't go!
  • Optional use of the SkyRun cleaning service for cleanings after your personal stays or stays of your non-paying friends.
  • Our cleaning and maintenance staff are in the resort EVERY DAY and know what is going on with your condo.
  • You say when you use your unit and how much time we rent.  You don’t have to give us the dates months in advance when you want to use the unit that you paid for.  If it's available, you can book it.
  • You can maintain your own unit (cutting costs) or have us check for maintenance needs and make arrangements and then bill you at our cost with our techs completing the work.
  • We pay for all marketing, cleaning and credit card fees. Travel agency/wholesaler fees as well as our 5% booking fee are paid by the guest.
  • There are no yearly marketing fees or upfront costs.
  • No expensive linen program, we pay for the linens for your condo.
  • We have proven that we put 10-250% MORE INCOME in the pockets of our owners. Look at the only BOTTOM LINE.....more money in your pocket and less wear and tear on your unit.

Thank you for considering SkyRun Copper, a Colorado family owned business.

Paul and Karen Myers

For additional information please contact Paul at 970-300-1831 option 4 (owner services) or E-mail Paul.

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