Check-In Instructions


Check-in is 4:00 pm MST and check-out is 10:00 am MST.

Check-In: An email containing check-in instructions will be sent to you seven days prior to your arrival date containing directions and access information for the property. On the day of arrival, once your property is ready for check-in, you will be sent another email with access instructions and other pertinent information. In most cases, you will access the property via a lockbox or smart lock using the given access code. Early check-ins can only be confirmed on the day of arrival.

Check-Out: Guests must depart the property by the check-out time (10:00 am MST) unless a late checkout has been coordinated and confirmed with the SkyRun office. Late check-outs must be coordinated directly with the SkyRun office no later than 6 pm on the day prior to departure; please note that if we have an incoming guest we will not be able to accommodate a late checkout.  We ask that guests remove major trash from the unit, return the furniture to its original location, and load and run the dishwasher. If any damage has occurred to the property during your stay, you must report it to the SkyRun office prior to check-out or fees will be incurred.


Parking for the 2020-21 Ski Season will be by Reservation Only.  All lodging guests will also have limited parking.  The exact parking plan has not been released by the resort.  We hope to update the details lodging guest parking by mid-November.

The check-in instructions email will contain information regarding parking at your property. Normally, properties allow one vehicle to be parked on-site at the complex or building. 

If you have any questions regarding parking at your property, please do not hesitate to reach out to the SkyRun office. Please observe parking regulations throughout the resort and parking garages.  Any parking fines will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner.  SkyRun is not responsible for parking violations.  

SkyRun Copper

154 Wheeler Place
Copper Mountain, CO  80443

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